I want to update everyone on the steps that we have taken regarding the Covid-19 virus.
We are working together to create and implement a plan that will ensure our ability to continue
to serve the medical needs of our patients while protecting the health and well-being of our
volunteers and staff.

One of our staff has been representing the clinic as a member of the Flagler County
Emergency Operations Coronavirus workgroup. This group is made up of representatives
from Advent Hospital, the local department of health, the fire and sheriff’s department,
Flagler County Schools, the City of Palm Coast, Bunnell and other pertinent community representatives.
Each week our representative brings back valuable information that has been very helpful
in the creation of the clinic’s Covid-19 plan.

The clinic’s quality and utilization review committee met last Thursday and spent our time
completing our plan. We will be operating in two-week periods and will reassess the situation,
focusing on identified cases in Flagler and surrounding counties a few days before the end
of each two week period.

We will continue operations at the clinic on a limited basis with staff covering communication
with our patients, community partners and other necessary tasks. For the next two weeks
(March 16-March29) we will be suspending our administrative volunteer staff schedule.
We will not be signing up any new patients during this two-week period and will be reducing
our in-person appointments to only necessary patient encounters.

We will stay in communication with our patients via telephone, take care of their need for
medications and will facilitate phone communication between patient and provider when needed.
I know that we will get through the challenges that are in our near future and hopefully be back
in full normal operations very soon.

Remember that we are supported by community donations, and since we cannot have large fundraisers
and/or get-togethers at this time, Please help us keep our operations functioning during this
pandemic by sending your donations to:
P. O. Box 863, Bunnell, FL 32110

Terri Belletto
Executive Director, FCFC